The land squid, order Terrateuthidae, is the only known non-aquatic order of Decapodiform,

class Cephalopoda.  It is most

closely related to order

Teuthidae, or Squid, which

is exclusively aquatic.  The

order comprises around

33 species in 8 genera.

Species of particular note include:

Giant Land Squid (Brachioterrateuthis Giganteus)

largest of the land squid, and most critically threatened. Four known specimens exist; only one living.

Pygmy Land Squid (Arboroterrateuthis Pygmaeus)smallest of the land squid, widely bred as companion animals and occasionally used in culinary practices.

Deeptree Land Squid (Amphiterrateuthis Arborodytus)

vulnerable and arguably the most advanced species of land squid; known to exhibit troop hunting, highly complex social relationships, and use of tools.

[A. Arborodytus pictured at left]

Like sea squid, land squid have a mantle that protects

the organs and brain.  Land squid have a very high

brain-to-body proportionality and are among the most intelligent of all cephalopods.  Land squid also share the chromatophoric camouflaging abilities of other squid.