I value three ideas most of all:

honesty, responsibility, and imagination.

Honesty is first, because without it, we can’t know who we are.

Responsibility comes next, because without it, we can’t account for what we’ve done.

Imagination is last, guiding us forward, empowering limitless progress.

These are the ideas I try to convey through my work.

Through my stories.

I believe that stories have the power to change peoples’ lives.

Stories, in lieu of facts, lead us to take up noble causes.

They help us make decisions we can be proud of.

They teach us right from wrong.

Stories have power.

I want to tell great stories.

I also desperately want humans to colonize space, but that’s far more complicated.

If you’d like to learn more about my outlook on life, please check out

my creator’s statement

or my personal framework for the foundation of a beneficent secular society

The Eight Ideals.