The grocket is a dog-sized, mostly-nocturnal, browsing mammal.

There are at least 26 distinct species of grocket.

The common yellow (or golden) grocket, is pictured at

lower left.  All varieties are known for their colorful

coats, long ears, and ample natural “mustaches.”

Grockets are found on the planet Sanamane,

in the Tela system, roughly 16.4 light years from Earth.  

Sanamane’s surface is 83% water and is filled with large island-

clusters, enabling a singularly diverse biosphere to flourish,

producing an unrivaled abundance of flora and fauna.  

Grockets share many traits with tapirs, particularly

their diet and basic physiology.  They also share

some behavioral and physiogolical similarities

with the aardvark, raccoon, and capybara.

They prefer wetland-forest or coastal habitats

and spend their days rooting for fungi,

fruits, and other tender plant growth.

The governments of Calma, Ten, and

Ave have convened in recent decades to

protect the planet Sanamane, establishing it

as a permanent CGP galactic heritage site.