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AnaKataCombo was once our galaxy's premier time-traveling lounge-rock band.  With starry guitars and soul, this ragtag band of scruffy gentlemen delicately blended rocky riffs and mellow melodies to deliver songs about life, love, and occasionally superheroes.

With their "lounge-rock" sound and signature brand of geekitude, AnaKataCombo played the Twin Cities circuit for several years, but never realized their true goal of successfully launching an international spaceman cult and performing on the moon.  AnaKataCombo created positive and thoughtful music to put folks in that sweet lounge-rockin’ mood. 

AnaKataCombo was led led by co-founders Andrew Mann (vocals), Mark Baldwin (guitar) and Jason Miller (Bass).  Members include Cole Mickelson (guitar) and Joe Olsen (drums).

The band’s only CD release, “If Once,” can be found at the links to the left, or most other online music merchants.

Lounge-Rock as You Like it.

Starry guitars and Soul...